September 24th, 2001


Ho hum

Where did the weekend go? It seems like just yesterday I was going home for a nice relaxing 2 days.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I had to stop by Travis' to sign some mortgage papers and mail those in, as closing is supposed to be this Thursday (yippie). I went home, and played around on the computer a bit, and then played my guitar a bit, which I haven't done in a while. Need to get back into the grove of things (much easier when it's cold and I can't do things outside). Tony went to a soccer game to sing the National Anthem (with a group he sings with), I didn't go to the game because of the rain, and he didn't stay anyway.

Saturday morning (early afternoon maybe) I played tennis with Tony. I got absolutely crushed, once again, but I did actually beat him in a game, and kept a couple other ones close, so, at least I am improving. Watched some movies for the remainder of the day on Saturday, nothing really standout. I also read a bit and played guitar some more.

Sunday I had a Frisbee game, we lost, and I played awful, offensively anyway, I played good defense. Had a nice big lunch and washed my car (I didn't realize how filthy it was). Watched some football (Eagles won :), Minnesota lost :(, Bills lost :) ). Travis came back a bit late, but with football to watch, I didn't really care.

Finally this morning, I know what I want to get Travis for Christmas, I just need to start saving my pennies.
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