October 8th, 2001


Busy weekend.

I had a busy weekend. I played Gran Turismo 3 with Tony all evening Friday, and all day Saturday. Sure, we took a couple breaks to eat, but not too many. I managed to set a record on one of the courses, forgot to save the game, and had to do it all over again. Oh well. Saturday evening, when we were looking for food, we stopped by Outback Steakhouse, and the wait was over an hour, so we decided not to wait. As we came out, there was a gentleman peering into Tony's Mustang, and Tony said, "You want one just like it?". The guy responded with, "I've always wanted one." Tony and I both found this humorous because he was driving a $25-30k SUV, and the Mustang actually costs less than that. Funny.

So, I spent yesterday not watching football. Instead, I moved a lot of boxes from the basement to the 1st floor, to make them easier to move, and I then drove down to the new place with Tony to make sure everything was in order. It was. They left some stuff behind though, like a rake, a snow shovel, a trashcan, and a rose. I drew a rough map of the one room, so I could try to figure out where everything was going to go, went back to Tony's, ate lunch, and then went back to the house to meet Travis to we could paint and get a washer and dryer...

We went to Lowe's to get the washer and dryer, and we knew which ones we wanted, so we told the guy, and he said, "I'll go get them." He came out about 10 minutes later, and he was checking the numbers, and he apparently pulled the wrong washing machine. More to the point, the bin number was wrong, so it was in the wrong place. He went back to get the right one, and didn't come back for nearly 30 minutes, because he couldn't find it, or something. Well, we got home and took the washer and dryer into the basement. Not a problem. Following the installation instructions, we tried to hook up the drain hose. Well, we didn't have pliers, and Travis couldn't find his, so he went out to go get some.

Meanwhile, back at camp, I tried to hook up the dryer. Didn't look too difficult, there was already a gas line there. Well, that one didn't fit, and neither did the new one. I had to use 3 different adapters to get everything to fit nice and snug. I smacked my knuckles on the concrete a couple times, but it got hooked up. After that, I realized that the fill hose for the washer didn't reach, but the stores had closed. Long story short, the washer and dryer are almost hooked up.

I also worked on painting last night, but we ran out of paint (the pink was really showing through). So I will get more paint today to finish it up, and get the trim work done tomorrow hopefully, as I am taking the day off work, so that I can paint, and get everything squared away.
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All this work and it doesn't ship.

So, I spent a good portion of the last spring working to get version 1.9 of our product out the door, so it could get to customers. Well, why the disc went gold about 5 months ago, it hasn't shipped yet, and it never will (at least not by itself). So I worked day and night (not so much night) to get that out, and it doesn't ship. At least I still get paid for it. It is just kind of annoying though.

Anyway, it is downright cold outside. I also want to go home so I can paint, weird.
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