November 14th, 2001


Lousy day

I didn't sleep well last night, and when I got to work this morning, and was reading email, I saw a little bulletin that said that I needed to complete my benefits changes by the 16th. No problem, I would have done it from work but I left my password at home, so I just need to remember to do it from home. While I was here, I figured I would finally get around to signing up for my 401k. I went to the web page to do it, and got an error message saying I need to call. I did, and after answering a bunch of questions, they let me know that I am listed as a terminated employee. This is rather annoying. I sort of expected it though, since half of my department was listed as terminated because of some computer glitch, or something. It is still stressful though, and I don't like stress.

More later....
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More dilemmas

It seems tomorrow is the Thanksgiving dinner day here at work. That's good, and I always like turkey. The problem arises in that Thursday is also Chicken Cordon Bleu day. Oh, what to do?! I am leaning towards turkey, but I need to convince the rest of the group.... seems we are going the turkey route.

I am feeling lethargic today for a few reasons, the least of which is not this cold that I am fighting. I wish I could just go home and sleep.
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