December 10th, 2001


It's been a bit...

Let's start back at Thursday. The Christmas party went well. Had fun, bowled a bunch. In one game, I had 40 through 5 frames, then got, Strike, Strike, Strike, Strike, Spare, Strike, Spare. Ended up with a 167, I was happy.

Friday was uneventful, except that I ended up staying later than I wanted to, trying to fix the upgrade program. It is better now though.

Saturday I went to Bret's party, and chatted with people I haven't seen in a while. I wasn't there too terribly long though. It finally snowed on Saturday though, although it is all gone now. It was a pretty snow.

Sunday, I watched some football (Eagles game wasn't on like it was supposed to be), got a Christmas tree, and decorated it. It still doesn't feel quite like Christmas time though. I think I need to get some shopping done :)

Well, there are the last 3.5 days in summary.