March 21st, 2002



Well, I got some puzzles delivered via UPS yesterday. I, of course, didn't start with the smallest one, or even the 2nd smallest one. I got the border of the 2000 piece one put together. It is a lot bigger than I expected. I needed to put the leaf in the table to have enough room.

Travis and I also went to sears yesterday to look at lawn mowers. We ended up getting this one. I think I am overly exciting about the mower :). I have to take Tony's back sometime in the next couple days so that I have a place to put mine. I also need to plan on lawn fertilization. The joys of owning a home!

Yesterday we had a staff meeting. It was focused on .NET. It looks like it is interesting, and does a lot of things very well. I just need to learn it, and XML, and J2EE, and PHP... I think that's about it on my to-do list, aside from my actual work.

My office is going to be moving in about 10 days. I don't know if it is really good or bad, but it'll be different.

Finally, we are supposed to get 6+ inches of snow in the next day. For Pete's sake, it is SPRING!
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A couple pictures (Click for (much) bigger versions):

A 15s exposure of my front lawn, on a cold snowy spring night.

A 2000 piece puzzle I am working on. Not very far yet :(