July 12th, 2002


We won

We actually won an ultimate game. This is actually win #2. We can always seem to win if we have enough people show up to play. I was pretty well exhausted when I got home though, and went to bed after reading for a bit.

In other news, another furnace guy came out to give a quote yesterday. It is a smaller furnace, but they guarantee it will heat the house to 70 degrees when it is 0 out, or they will come and replace it with a bigger one for free. I guess that's a good deal.

Finally, I am a bit irritated at the traffic reports this morning. I listed to several traffic reports this morning before getting on I-590, and when I did, traffic was stopped. All the reports said, "traffic is flowing well this morning, no delays." Did they fail to notice that 2/3 of the I-590N lanes were closed?! Ok, I am done venting.

I am supposed to be going to a BBQ after work today, which should be nice. I need to work on the deck this weekend a bunch too, which will be lots of work, but it needs to get done and the summer is winding down.
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I am tired now. I went out to lunch with some friends, and we bought the coop his lunch, since it was his 21st birthday 2 weeks ago. We delayed taking him out due to the holiday. He had 3 beers, so he's not getting a whole lot done this afternoon. I'm not getting much down because I am busy writing this entry.

I will probably be leaving in the next 30-60 minutes, because I am not being productive here, and it is a really nice day out.
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