September 19th, 2002


Fine Lines

There is a fine line where 'hot' drinks are at a good temperature to drink, such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. You pour it, and it is too hot to drink and you wait too long and it is cold, and looses something. The only simple way around this is to constantly sip until it's the 'correct drinking temperature', and then gulp... or drink cold beverages.

I need sleep

I haven't gotten to bed at a decent time at all this week, and 6:00am comes around FAR too early. Last night, I went out with some people to a coffee house, though I didn't get coffee. I was out later than I had planned, but had a good time. Hopefully I can do better tonight, although we are watching a movie tonight, Monster's, Inc.. Should be fun.

Nothing else too exciting happening around town.