November 6th, 2002


Election afterthoughts

Well, George Pitaki won the governor's seat in NY for a 3rd term. This is not unexpected, but annoying. Put mildly, I don't like the guy. He hasn't done anything for upstate NY that he hasn't been strong-armed into. He does his best to claim that he is a change from the previous governor (Cuomo), and he may have been for a while, but after 2 (now 3) terms, he could care less about what's good for the entire state. New York City is a money pit for the rest of the state, and it would be nice to actually get something from the state for once.

The other elections that I was able to actually vote in had no impact outside of Monroe County, NY, so I won't mention them.

Republicans now control the house, senate, and presidency. Maybe something in government will actually get done. Generally, I don't like one party controlling everything though. We'll see how the next 2 years go.

A funny thing happened...

I was walking the dog last night, on our usual route, when I saw a guy in the neighborhood taking out his trash. This didn't seem odd, since different companies pick up different days of the week. When I got close though, we had a little conversation that went:

Neighborhood Guy: Excuse me?
Me: Yes?
NG: Is today Tuesday or Wednesday
Me: (thinking) It's Tuesday
NG: Crap, I'm taking my trash out a day early.

I know just how he feels.