November 15th, 2002


Nothing too exciting

Last evening I got home (late again... these 10 hour days aren't fun), and cleaned up a bit. I noticed that Chemlawn came by again, so I owe them another $90. My lawn better look REAL nice come spring. I attempted to talk Pudlow into selling me a copy of Mech Assault for $50, but he wanted $60, so Glen got it for me for $48. Good deal. I played a few games last night, but wasn't feeling too great, so I didn't play much.

CSI wasn't on in HD last night for some reason, although some of the commercials were, go figure. I also watch a good portion of ER in HD, thus staying up past my bedtime, and some of the scenes were disturbing, just like CSI. I need to find more pleasant HD programming.

My weekend plan is to 1) veg, by playing video games, and watching movies, and football. 2) clean. It's an ambitious plan, but I think I can manage. :-)
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