December 2nd, 2002


Back to work already

I got up this morning, after sleeping poorly, and looked outside to see lots of snow on the ground. I took care of the puppy, and shoveled the driveway, and Bret, being the smart guy that he is, decided not to park in the driveway as I was attempting to remove the snow from it's surface. That made me happy. Work today shouldn't be too bad, and since I park in a parking garage, I don't need to clean off my car to go home. Yippie!

There are pictures of the completed Flexi-Rack online now. Feel free to check them out here. I am very happy the way it turned out, considering it's humble beginning. I do have another one in the works for the other side of the TV too. Very good stuff.

I'm going to backdate some entries, of my life over the last 5 days now...
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The Eagles managed to pull out another win yesterday, which was amazing, considering they are on their 3rd string QB. It was a good nail biter of a game, but at least the Eagles are still in the playoff hunt. 4 more games until the end of the season. Should be interesting.

My funny for the day

<Eric> anyway J, if I don't get at least a B in both my penn classes, no one be getting anything from me this year except some verbal well-wishes.

<Me> that would be an improvement over last year :)