December 19th, 2002


It's all a blur

Wow, the last day just flew by. So much so that I forgot to take out the trash last night. :-)

Anyway, work was once again very busy yesterday. It's not bad, just busy. We had a 'meeting' at lunchtime yesterday where there was pizza and a movie. I didn't stick around, as I had lots of other stuff to do... I went and saw LOTR:TT yesterday at a 2:00 showing. Definitely a good movie, even if it is 3 hours. I went home, fed the pup, got dinner, then watched Gosford Park. Very odd movie. I think I need to watch it again to get the entire movie, as there are about 20 characters, and I didn't quite follow everything.

I slept very poorly last night, waking up frequently. I almost fell over when I got up one time because I had water in my ear, and between being tired and having lost my sense of balance, I was happy to make it make to bed. I'm still a little off balance this morning though.

I woke up this morning to find I didn't take care of the trash, so I did that. It also appeared Spencer got sick last night, although it didn't seem that he upchucked his entire dinner, I think he just ate some of his rope bone. I hope he does better today.

I have my review tomorrow morning. Should be fun.

Bath & Dog

Spencer got a bath tonight. All his fur is now sticking up all over the place. He looks silly. His winter coat is coming in, so he's been shedding a bunch recently. He hasn't gone bald yet, so I'm not terribly worried, I just need to vacuum more.