December 25th, 2002



Well, we officially have a white Christmas. I don't every recall having one where we actually got snow. I remember a few times with flurries, but nothing that counts. Since I just finished shoveling 6" of the stuff, I think this year counts. I will be posting pictures later.

I am planning on visiting some friends later today, so I hope it slows down a little bit.

Well, time to cook breakfast and deal with my crazy dog. I think Santa spooked him :)

Almost over

Christmas is slowly winding down. I spent the better part of the afternoon/evening at Tony and Victoria's place. It was good, I got food, watched a lousy movie, and generally had a good time. Travis and I got a copy of the 20th anniversary of Trivial Pursuit from them, and apparently my mother sent a check to me there (as I used to live there), so I got that too. It also turns out that Tony and Victoria are getting married. I am very happy for them, they get along great.

I got home and shoveled the driveway... again. I am tired of shoveling, I hope it's over with for this storm. We have about a foot, and it's enough to keep Spencer entertained.

Tomorrow I clean and do some food shopping. It'll be fun!
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