February 19th, 2003


One year ago

It was one year ago that my grandfather passed away. He was the first person in my life that I was really close to that had died. He is still missed. Today is going to be a tough day for my father, no doubt. It's time like this I wish I lived closer to him (or him to me).

In happier news, we are actually supposed to be above freezing today!
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Geography fun

Last night, we (Glen, Bret, Travis and I) went to Buffalo Wild wings, as usual. After a while, Sal showed up. He was mentioning that he'd like to live in Boston, or that area. From there, things went downhill. Glen, Travis and Bret made a map of New England (including NY), out of napkins, receipts, and a beer glass. Once complete, Glen started laughing and didn't stop for a good 5 minutes. No one, not even him, knows why he was laughing so much, but the rest of us were laughing at him. It was a good evening out indeed.
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