February 26th, 2003


Weird dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. It is odd that I remember this one so vividly, since I do remember the last dream I remembered, but here goes:

I had joined the Navy (not sure why), and it was the first day of boot camp. It was very odd, because people weren't acting 'military', it was like a bunch of school kids, just doing there own things, and no one was yelling at them (like you'd expect from a drill sergeant). Anyway, I was standing there, happy as can be, not goofing off, and someone comes up and tells me I am their new submarine captain. Ok, first day in the military, and I have my own sub! Later on in my dream (the next day), we had to get up for exercises, and I was now giving orders (hey I'm the captain). The strange part here is that it was 3am (in my dream), and the sun was rising! I have no idea where I was, but there it was. Well, eventually, I actually got to go on a sub. This was no ordinary sub though. It was the US's 'next generation sub, and it looked liked a luxury liner on the inside. I was a happy camper!

That's the last time I have seafood for dinner for a while! :)
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