March 23rd, 2003

The puppy

Back to school... sort of.

I spent a good portion of my morning helping Scott try to solve a Computer Architecture problem, which is funny, since I never took that class. I do know people to ask that are better able to help. I also ordered the hardware for my second flexi rack. Now all I need is to get the shelves back and to find stuff to put on it. It will look nice having two of them on either side of the TV though. I did almost order the 6' rods instead of the 3' ones though. That would have been bad.

I took Spencer for a run this morning, and we went about 1.5 miles, though he needed to stop to do his business twice. He is all tuckered out now though, so I'm happy. A sleepy puppy is a well behaved puppy.

Last night I rewatched The General's Daughter. Definitely a good movie if not a bit graphic. I need to get back into the weekly movie thing, it's fun. Trying to pick a movie out is tough.
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