April 15th, 2003


Cars, cars everywhere

So, I got home yesterday and was flipping through my Car and Driver when I noticed and ad for a 2004 Subaru WRX. It looks much better from the front than my 2002 model. I thought, "Cool!" Well, I went to google and did some searching, and it looks like a few things I don't like about my car are available on the 2004 model, such as sunroof, heated seats, heated outside mirrors, and better styling. Now, the question here is this: I could probably trade in my car in the not too distant future (August) and get a fair price and get a new model (assuming all the numbers work out). A second option would be to keep my current car (if the finances don't work to my advantage or something else), and pay off my current car and when that's done, trade it in for an upgraded class car (like a Lexus is300). So much pondering to do...
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I think sometime in June I want to have a 'party' of 12-16 people all playing Halo. I think I can secure 2 x-box, probably 3. The problem I currently have is that I don't think I know 12-16 people that would play. I've got 8 on my list, assuming I can arm twist a couple people... Interested parties should let me know who I should contact via email to gauge interest/dates.
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