April 30th, 2003


Sleep is not just a state of mind

Once again, I'm tired. This 6 hours of sleep thing isn't cutting it for me, especially when the pup starts making funny noises at 4:00am.

Glen's place is coming along nicely. We got a bunch of painting and carpet laying done, and I got to iron the wall, in order to remove some wallpaper. Not as fun as it looks on TLC :) Today, I get to sand a wall! Better yet will be me supervising someone sanding a wall.

I acquired a new chair at work this morning. It's GOT to be better than my old one, hopefully I won't have to adjust this one every 30 minutes, although I have yet to make it comfortable, but there are about 12 adjustments on this thing, so it could take some work.
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DMV woes

I called the DMV yesterday because my registration expires today (end of the month), and I hadn't received my new sticker yet, despite the fact that I mailed it on or about April 5. The lady I talked to was nice, and helpful, and told me that my registration was processed on Friday, which is well over 2 weeks after I mailed it. I am hoping it arrives in the mail today, else I'll be driving without a registration tomorrow.
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