July 8th, 2003


PVC Cement + Closed Area = Not Good

Went over to Glen's place last night to fix his plumbing (the sewer lines), so that his bar pumping wouldn't back up into the washer (yeah, that's bad). Anyway, we decided it'd be best to replace all the piping from the washing machine/bar sink 'y' to the 4" main sewer line with 3" pipe (it was formally 2" pipe. This, of course, entailed ripping out all of the piping from the mop sink as well. I had a heck of a time replacing that. Trying to get a 3" pipe under the sink, which splits to a 2" and 3" pipe, and has a trap on it, and all the while keeping it low enough so the water would actually drain was interesting. As it stands now, everything is in place, and leak free, although it's a bit crooked because of the way the fernco (is that how you spell it) tightened down crooked.

Anyway, on to the tips of the day:
1) Be sure to tighten the drain plug for the trap before turning on the water.
2) When the bottle for the PCV cement says, "Use in well ventilated area," they aren't kidding.
3) No matter how hard you try, you will invariably end up having to glue 2 or more PVC pipes at the same time. Plan for this to pick the 2 easiest pieces.
4) You may be able to burn down your house doing electricity (though unlikely), but sewer water (even when it's just plain water) is icky. If you don't like ick, stick with electric.
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