August 4th, 2003


It feels like Thursday

less than 48 hours before I leave for vacation. I really ought to start packing. I'll be doing that tonight after I go to the Post Office/UPS to drop off some packages.

I fixed my program which kept crashing Internet Explorer. That wasn't good. It makes goofing off very difficult.

Time to color-correct a picture for posting here :)
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These look like re-used questions...

1. eximious for president. What are your top 5 issues for your platform.
a) The economy... it's in the dumps, we should fix that
b) Crime... always an issue. There should be gun control, guns should not be outlawed
c) Military. Our military spends far too much time overseas
d) Middle East... something needs to be done, I don't know what, but I would either get out, or do something
e) Education funding. It's a state issue, but states everywhere are cutting education, this needs to be fixed.

2. List all the courses in your favorite meal. Be sure to include breads, beverages, and side dishes.
Favorite meal should be a grilled steak (NY Strip is a good choice), sufficiently seasoned and cooked to medium (a little pink in the center). That should be served with a baked potato with cheese, sour cream, bacon, chives, and any other goodies I have around. A salad would be served on the side, to add to the veggie category. A garden salad with ranch dressing is ideal. With steak, a good beverage could either be a coca-cola classic, or beer (Killians, Sam Adams, or any number of micro-brews would do). All this should be served with a good hearty wheat bread, buttered (real butter) and a piece of cheese cake with strawberries on top for desert.

Alternately, my favorite single food is quesadillas.

3. You win $23 million dollars (US) in the lottery. What do you do with it? (It would have been $30 million, but taxes were taken out first.)
First, pay off all my debt, pay off my parents debt, and then donate 5 million to several close friends for them to do with what they want. I'd then spend a bunch on 'toys' (5 million), give away 5 million to charity, and invest the rest.

4. What would constitute the *perfect* evening for you?
I would prefer to spend an evening sitting by a lake at a cottage with a nice warm breeze watching the sunset, and talking to friends and family.

5. Favorite swear word or swear-phrase, and why.
I don't know that there is a favorite., but to answer this question, I'd have to get into the whole debate on what is a 'swear', and why it is so.


Tonight would have been a really good night for my local ABC affiliate to start broadcasting High Definition. At least football season is back.
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