October 27th, 2003


Getting weird...

So, I went on a wine tour yesterday (thanks to Travis for driving). I picked up several bottles of wine. Several being 20. It should last me a good long time. The thing about going down to where they make it is, it's cheap. Well, most of it was cheap, except for the one bottle I picked up which was $32. I'll be saving that for a special occassion... now if I can just remember which one it is.

Travis made Chicken Marsala last night, to cap off the wine tour. It was yummy. Me, in my infinite wisdom decided to make some asparagus with dinner. I've never in my life made asparagus, and was never really a big fan of it, but it actually came out good. I will continue to surprise even myself. No brussel sprouts though.

Back to Saturday for a minute... I was determine to not 'get dressed' all day Saturday, and I managed to succeed! It was nice to be lazy for a complete day. I hung around the house, played with the dog, watched some movies. I need more days like that.

The extra daylight didn't help getting up this morning, it was still dark, being that it was raining and all.

Finally, in sports news, Yankees lost (good), Eagles won (good), Bills lost (good and bad), so we're doing ok in the sports world!
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