November 19th, 2003


Stupid new release Tuesday

So, it was new release Tuesday, when everything is on sale. I picked up The Two Towers: Platinum Edition. I'll have to watch that sometime, I think. I also rounded out my James Bond collection (with a little help from Travis). I also picked up a video game, so now I have lots of things to keep me busy for the next month!

I finally got caught up on 24, well, except for last nights episode. It's once again, a quality show. The only problem I have is that they really need to do better background checks on these people.

I have lots of meetings today. Should be fun.
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Funny quote of the day

Talking to Glen about hour 4 of 24 produced this conversation:

[20:13] Jeremy: 24 once again proved interesting
[20:14] Glen: yup
[20:14] Jeremy: and I'm actually caught up :)
[20:14] Glen: i jsut did too
[20:14] Glen: i need a pump-action shotgun.. so i can do that cool move
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