November 20th, 2003


Self Audit, and stuff

I did some lifting yesterday, and pushed myself way too hard. Wasn't feeling too great after that.

So, I did a self audit on my DVD collection last night, to confirm what I have lent out to people, and to make sure everything was in the old database, and sorted right. It turns out there were some things out of order, and about 10 movies that were on the shelf but not in the database. It's almost like finding stuff. Oh, how I am amused.

24 was good again this week, despite Travis' claims that, "It just sounds boring." Anyway, I'm actually caught up for once, well, except for season 2.

It was tough to get up this morning. Total lack of motivation on my part, save for a puppy sitting at the bottom of the stairs patiently waiting to wake up. He is cute in the morning, though he always has a habit of rubbing up against my pants and transferring dog fur.
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