January 15th, 2004


I'm an open source programmer

After fighting with the exif stuff for a while, and finally getting it to work the way I wanted, I emailed the author with my changes. After about 10 emails, back and forth, my changes were implemented, and several bugs were fixed, enhancements were added, and I got credit: http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see my name :)

I think I am finally getting a handle on this Westlaw thing... maybe tomorrow I'll finish, then again, maybe not.

Oh, it's COLD here. I got mad at Travis this morning for no apparent reason, and did I mention it's cold?
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I just cleaned the driveway and my fingers are so very cold. I can't even feel them to type this. I am so staying in tonight.
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