July 9th, 2004


Friday Five

Time…. Is on your side. Yes it is!

1. Do you own a wristwatch? Describe.
Several. A Timex Digital I use when exercising, etc. A black and gold something or another that I don't wear too often, as the clasp is wonky, and my primary watch is a Seiko, silver and gold, black face, gold lettering. I like watches.

2. How old were in you 1997?

3. Which is more important – financial success or personal happiness?
Personal happiness

4. Can you whistle?
Yes, just not loudly

5. Do you believe in the supernatural?
Not really. I had a black cat, I walk under ladders... I've never seen a ghost.


Frisbee last night went well. The rain held off, though it was raining 30 minutes before the game started, so the field was wet, and it was muggy out. Anyway, on to the game..

The game started out reasonably well. I made several really nice throws, including one to Travis, that was probably a good 30-40 yard throw, perfectly timed, and it generally just looked very pretty. I was generally playing very well in the first half. We went into 1/2 time ahead 8-2. Go team.

The 2nd half started and they scored 5 points in a row. Not good. I was making some poor choices on throws (as were my teammates), and nobody seemed to be able to catch anything. I got into an argument with one of their team members, and finally just gave up when she wouldn't listen to anything I said. A few plays later I called a foul on something that probably wasn't a foul. I feel bad about it now, but such is life. By this time, the score was 10-10. We managed to get our act together though, and ended up winning 15-12 (or was it 13). Either way, we squeaked out a victory, and we ended up playing pretty decent. Our record stands at 4-1.