July 14th, 2004



I'm in a stellar mood today. Maybe the stress finally made me crack. It's dreary/rainy out, work is annoying me, and I am flabbergasted at the price of siding (granted, it's good siding), and all I can do is sit here and be happy. I think the knight is rubbing off on me. It's probably because of my good friends, great family, and generally nice people I've run into recently.
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[13:40] Ayoub: She meant you ;)
[13:40] Ayoub: the behave thing, I mean
[13:41] Jeremy: [13:38] Waheeda: tell ayoub to behave himself
[13:41] Ayoub: Ah...
[13:41] Jeremy: I didn't change my name to Ayoub, though I am thinking about it :)
[13:42] Jeremy: then people could call me abe
[13:42] Ayoub: That would be confusing