August 9th, 2004



I went riding again yesterday. I was tired before I went, but went anyway. I started out hard, averaging over 20mph. It was good, until I hit the virtual wall. My pace slowed down after that, and I only averaged 17mph. Actually, 17mph is pretty good, but after 10 miles, I was hurting. Oh well, we'll do it again today!

My coworker from out of town is coming in tomorrow, so I'll be hanging out with him. Should be fun.

Do Doo Do Doo

Are you ready for some football? I sure hope so, because pre-season officially started tonight. Hall of Fame Game. It's in glorious High Definition. Not some half-done HD either, every single camera is in high definition, from the blimp-cam, to the sideline cameras; including the replays. Very nice.

So, I got my ride in this evening. 12.5mi in 44:00. A nice 17mph average. I was happy, since about 1/2 way through the ride, I was exhausted, and was about 15.5mph average. I then picked it up for the next 2mi or so, and did over 20mph on route 65, which is a little hilly. I am happy with my effort. I'm glad Travis came along though, otherwise I may have given up.

Back to football....