October 11th, 2004


How could I forget?

On Saturday, I called Jason in the AM, asked what he was doing.  Apparently nothing, and his roommate's parents were visiting, so he wanted to get out of Dodge.  I told him to come over, and we can move the shed.  Well, it turns out that Travis and Jason did most of the work... along with a winch.  Well, the shed has been moved its requisite 3ft from the house, so new siding can be put on.  It turns out that the shed is more of a piece of crap than I originally thought.  I was planning on replacing it next Spring, but now I'm DEFINITELY going to.  It almost makes the deck look like a work of art.  We did manage to sort of break it a little bit, but it only needs to stand for another 6 months.  Now if the code enforcement people don't complain, I'll be happy.