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Sport, and other stuff

Well, it looks like UConn won the women's title. That's good. I don't really follow college basketball, but I am happy that UConn and Syracuse won the women's and men's titles, respectively.

I spent way too much time cleaning yesterday and was nice and did Travis' laundry. I would have done Spencer's too, but he doesn't wear pants. So, the place is nice and shiny, although will need to be mopped again soon, with the little terror running around.

Speaking of Spencer, I got more biscuits for him last night, and it was nice to see him doing things to get it. He was acting on commands that I didn't even know he knew. He would sit in and instant, lay down, sit up, and my favorite, I said, 'twirl' and around he went :) It's like he started caring what I was saying (probably because he did). That reminds me that I need to work on training some more.

Time to catch up on work.

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