February 28th, 2005


Yeah, so I suck

I weighed myself last night. I wasn't too happy. I haven't weighed this much since last July (when I started riding). The good news (I guess), is that I started riding again last week. The bad news is that I weighed myself after I did those rides. My goal is to spend 20 hours on the trainer in March (average of 45 minutes a day). At that rate, I SHOULD be able to reach my goal of loosing 10lbs by the end of March. Granted, I'll probably need to eat better too. No more smarties for the next month either. The good news is I can watch episodes of DVDs while riding. If I go on 45 minute rides, I can get through an episode of an hour TV program. I've got season 2 of 24 to watch, season 1 of Law & Order, seasons 1 and 2 of CSI, and 8 seasons of The X-Files. That should get me through lots of indoor biking sessions. Anywhere, if I were motivated, I'd get up at 5am and go for my ride then (ok, maybe 5:30). I don't think I'm that motivated, at least not until the sun is up at that hour again, at which time, I'll go outside - in the evening.
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