April 6th, 2005


Yeah, so work stuff, and bike stuff, and that's about it.

Nothing like getting a 4 page change request to code that you have already written (that you didn't have a spec for when you wrote it, despite asking for it), only to find out that it's INCOMPLETE! I was a little pissed off this morning.

I went for a bike ride again this evening... though only for 30 minutes or so, to test out my bike maintenance work. Turns out that my front wheel was out of true, which is why my brakes were rubbing. I 'fixed' that, though a truing stand would be awfully useful. I also checked my rear wheel, and that was a little off too, but nothing like my front. It was nice to finally find out what spokes are for. Actually, Travis tested out my bike maintenance work, and I rode his bike. His bike is much smoother than mine... I'm bummed.