May 12th, 2005



It turns out that a coworker/good friend of mine is getting married in January.  I got invited to the wedding; which is in India.  I'm seriously considering going, having a good time, and getting out of Rochester for a couple weeks in January.  I can't think of any real good reason not to go, except for the cost of the plane ticket ($1400-$2000, depending on travel dates, airline, etc).  If I go, I would stop by London on the way back for a visit with Ayoub and Waheeda, and to see London.  I don't think I'll get another opportunity to go to India, and while I could go to London anytime, I'd likely go through London on the way to India, so stopping there would be no big deal.  The best part as is I've got free (as in beer) lodging in both India and London, so that makes the cost significantly less.  If only tickets were $500 cheaper :)