December 25th, 2005


Christmas 2005

My mother came up yesterday and we headed up to Carley's parents house for a little Christmas eve get together.  I was expecting to munch on some food, drink some drinks and head home.  What I got was a whole boat-load of gift, including some stuff from Carley's aunt and uncle.  Even Spencer got gifts!  So, I was a little overwhelmed, surprised, and thankful.  I guess having an Amazon wishlist pays off sometimes!

Anyway, today has been good.  Actually one of the better Christmas days in a while.  Having my mom here was a nice touch.  I got a few more gifts today, which was done after a nice breakfast, which was done after I slept in.  All and all, a good day.

We leave for India in less than 24 hours.  We leave for the airport around 11am tomorrow, so time is running out.  I'm not yet sure how I'll get everything there.  I have one bag to check, one carry-on, one camera, and a laptop.  I'm not going to check the laptop or camera (it's not a hard case, and it doesn't lock... I suppose I COULD get a hard case tomorrow morning, but I don't want to do that, as it complicates other things too.  Anyway, the biggest problem, is I'm allowed one carry-on and no personal items (according to the webpage), so I'm pretty well stuck.  I CAN put the laptop in the carry-on, though that's not ideal, and I still have the camera... so we'll see.