August 3rd, 2006



So, I leave for vacation tomorrow! Yay. Of course, that means updates will be on this site, because that's just the way I am :)

I haven't posted much recently because, frankly, work has just been uber-uber busy, and I haven't been doing much else. Pepper has been over to play a couple times, I haven't been on the bike as much as I'd like, and I've found some music that I thoroughly enjoy, and have been listening to a lot, so I am generally happy. Oh, and I have been seeing Lisa quite a bit, which is definietly not a bad time(tm).

Speaking of work being uber-busy, I have designed a very cool (at least IMHO) website, which, sadly, I can't ever show anyone, because you need a Westlaw Password to see it. Well, some of you probably have one, so you'd be able to see it, but they rest of you can't. Maybe I'll design something equally as cool so that the rest of you can see it.

Almost dinner time.