December 2nd, 2008


(no subject)

My boss walks into my office this morning looks at me wearing a tie (wore one yesterday too, and wear one every Wednesday), and we have the following conversation:

Him: You're wearing a tie again. It's not Wednesday (checks watch), yeah, not Wednesday.
Me: I'm wearing a tie every day in December. It's national tie month.
Him: Oh, really?
Me: I just made that up, but someone has to start national tie month, might as well be me.
Him: Pfft (and he walks off)

I then check the internet for national tie month, because I figure there has to be one... and what do you know, it IS December.

I go to my boss:
Me: Turns out December is national tie month
Him: I guess I'll have to wear a tie then.

Who knew there was a national tie month. Who knew that I could have guessed the right month.