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Stupid drivers

I went out to lunch with Sarah today, since it is her last day with the company before she moves back to Buffalo. I don't know why anyone would want to live in Buffalo, but hey. On the way back, there were lots of stupid people on the roads. It appeared that a pedestrian was hit crossing the street, and people kept looking and not paying attention to the road, and people kept slamming on their brakes. Silly people. Anywho, lunch was good.

Work has been pretty busy. Been trying to get a lot of last minute bugs fixed before we do a Chap 7..13 build. Finally got most of them ironed out I think (thanks in large part to Don). I am going to be off for the next 10 days, so I hope things are ok :).

Didn't do much last night. Bret and Sal came over, and we watched The Thirteenth Floor. Eric and Bret then went out to Nick's, and I went to bed, since I am a working man now.

The family should be here soon. Yey!

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