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Why I don't live in Scranton

I went down to Scranton, PA with Glen and Bret so Bret could pick up his new car. The trip down was mostly uneventful, we actually got a pretty early start, and Bret bought us coffee for the trip down :). Anyway, I am not surprised the dealer in Scranton still had the car. He (Bret) got a 2003 Mazda 6s, fully loaded (v6, 5 speed, leather, sunroof, etc), well, the v6 5 speeds are hard to find, despite the advertising campaign, and after much hassle, he found one in Scranton. After getting there, I suspect that car would have sat on the lot for quite a while there. It's a very blue collar town and not the type of car one would expect to see down there. It's fortunate from Bret, but I personally prefer to live in a slightly more progressive area.

Anyway, I got to drive the car for a bit, and it's very nice. There are many cars out right now that I would love to own, but first, I need a bigger garage and more money. :)

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