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It's going to be summer before the snow stops!

Well, it's supposed to snow tomorrow night. This is getting real old. When I moved to Rochester, I expected it to snow, but I didn't sign up for this. Yesterday's weather was perfect though, sunny, 75, a light breeze blowing. If all days were like that, I'd be a happy camper.

Yesterday I spent a good portion of time trying to 'fix' my lawn. I am beginning to think it's beyond all hope and that I need to start over. I also spent a good portion of time cleaning my car, inside and out. I noticed a few more dings and dent, one of which really pisses me off (it's from someone's car door). It wouldn't bother me too much, except they got down to the metal, which means they REALLY hit it. These people really need to learn how to park. Next time someone parks too close to me (over the line), I am going to kick their car. The good news is that my car looks nice.

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