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Lawn mowing season has started

I mowed my lawn for the first time last night. After walking every square foot of the lawn, I can honestly say my lawn is in pretty poor shape, although several steps were taken to fix that last night. We'll see what happens. After the 2 hours of yard work on an absolutely perfect evening, Travis and I went over to Glen's place and got a bunch of painting done, in between eating pizza and going to Abbott's. After tonight, all the painting should be squared away, and then carpet installation can commence. I'll probably not get to bed until late again tonight, but it's worth it, for all the free steak dinners :)

We took Spencer over to Glen's last night, and had a blast letting him run around the big fenced in back yard. We tossed the frisbee for Spencer a few times, and he looked like he was having a blast chasing it down. Hopefully we can do that again today when there is a little more light. It's always good to tucker the little guy out.

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