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Kind of a lot's happened since then...

Here we are, Monday morning again. It's been a busy weekend, and I have a lot of catching up to do around the house this week, assuming the weather cooperates.

Friday... I took off, slept in (for once), and headed over to Glen's, Home Depot, and back to Glen's. We prepared him for the big move, and did some electrical work, where I got zapped because his house is wired goofy. I'm still alive though, so it's all good. Also did some painting (priming). I didn't see much of my place on Friday though. We did get dinner at the Distillery, where they have already instituted their no-smoking (inside) policy. It was nice.

Saturday, I got up bright and early, fed and walked the pup, and headed over to Glen's apartment to load up the truck. The truck was absolutely massive. Anyway, the truck was loaded by 10:30, and unloaded by 12:30 or so. He still has a lot of unpacking to do, and trim painting in the 'green room'. We helped him unpack for a bit, then I went home and did some house work, ate, etc. Ended up hanging out at his place all evening. His living room is absolutely gorgeous. I am jealous.

Yesterday I slept in a little, and did some car wiring, installed an invisible fence for Spencer, and started cleaning before going to a Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Deana Carter concert. The concert was good, although VERY loud. I was up too late because of the concert, but there's only 4 more mornings!

The invisible fence seems to be acting oddly, going off at weird times, and it doesn't help that Spencer was trying to eat the boundary flags, but he'll learn.

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