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What fortune

Glen, Travis, Jason and I were sitting in Bahama Breeze last night sipping on our drinks waiting for our food, when the Manager comes out and says, "Sorry about the long wait on the drinks, your drinks and food are on the house." It was odd, because we didn't wait that long. Well, it turns out he had the wrong table. He meant to tell the people next to us, but since he told us it was free, we got it for free anyway. So, the service was good, and the whole meal was $90 off!

Of course, with good fortune comes bad... I was installing wall to wall carpeting yesterday at Glen's place, and we rented some tools from Home Depot, namely a knee kicker and a carpet stretcher. Well, I ended up slamming my hand into the knee kicker (the bottom side with the pointy things sticking out), and managed to put one of the pointy things through my thumb nail. Ouch. A few Band-Aids and a couple weeks latter, it should be good as new.

That was my Sunday afternoon/evening in a nutshell.

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