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125 Gigs

There are now 125 GB of songs on boo-boo, courtesy of musica. There is about 45 gigs free now, which I hope is enough for a little while.

Today was cloudy, and not very inviting. I had a headache most of the day, which didn't help either. This afternoon I picked up my speakers, and then the sun came out. Strange. I slept in today, and I plan to do the same tomorrow. Didn't do too terribly much, although we did watch Austin Powers, and I got 2 new movies in the mail today, so I have about 10 movies that I have yet to watch. Hopefully this week, on those cloudy days.

Still didn't get my discrete grade, but Jennie and Travis didn't get their last grades yet either, so I can't complain much.

I also worked on a redesigned boo-boo webpage. It still needs some work. I think I will go work on that now.

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