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Monday goodness, and the car is clean

It's Monday, and the weather started out lousy, but it's better now. Didn't do much in the morning, but hanging out with Eric before he left. After he left, I went and played tennis with Scott. Played probably isn't the right word, we just hit the ball back and forth. It was good to actually hit the ball again, since Travis doesn't play with me. After I got back, I spent 3 hours washing, and polishing my car. It looks pretty now. I wish I had 2 more items in my car cleaning pile of stuff though, so that it could be REALLY pretty. Someday soon.

So, that was my Monday in a nutshell. I need more Monday's like this.

Oh, for someone who HATES dogs, Eric sure took a liking to Spencer. He did a good job wearing Spencer out, so that's good. It was funny to see them playing though, as Eric took time out to play with Spencer. Wonders will never cease.

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