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I ran, and ran some more

Last night was the Corporate Challenge. I did ok. I clocked in at 41:43 officially for the 3.5 mile course. Unofficially, it was 38:10, since it took me over 3 minutes to get to the starting line from my point in line. I ended up having to walk about 1/4 of a mile around the 2 mile marker because of a cramp in my leg. At about 3 miles, I realized my left shoe was tied too tight, when my foot started going numb. In all, I am glad I did it though. I realize that I need to start running more. The good news though, is that I didn't feel like dieing when I finished. I didn't hit my target time of 35 minutes, but with the ~4 minutes of walking, I can't complain about my time. I was also happy to see a LOT of people behind me every time I turned around. There is something satisfying about finishing in the middle of the pack.

Hopefully, I can leave early today.

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