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Stupid *($*@ people.

How am I supposed to fix a bug that is reported like this:

When attemping to scroll down the initial title screen, when you attempt to drag the scroll bar down, it freezes. With previous version, they could sort by source and this would allow them to scroll down the page without locking up. Now with the beta version they are unable to do this. If you click the down arrow and wait and the hit the down arrow again and wait...it appears to work, however, if you click click click the down arrow without waiting, it will lock up (no matter how it is sort it)

CPU usage with premise open was at 3% when attempting to scroll the cpu usage jumped to 22% and that's when the pc locked up.

Honestly, what does that mean? Previous version? Previous version as in an earlier beta of 4, or a 3.x release. Why did he mention sorting in the 2nd sentence, when in the last one, you mention that sorting doesn't matter. In addition, are you clicking the arrow or dragging the scroll bar? Finally, who writes "if you click click click"?

So, again, UGH!

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