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Fun, moving, and more fun (aka, Long Post ahead)

The weekend was pretty (read VERY) busy. Moving my mom was interesting. There was lots of heavy stuff to move, and I almost won $50 by getting the couch up the stairs, but alas, no one would take the bet (I did get the couch up the stairs). Nothing too exciting happened during the move, except I'm glad the weather was much nicer on Saturday than on Sunday, as it was VERY HOT on Sunday.

I got a free brunch yesterday, for my impending birthday. The restaurant offers free brunch to people who's birthday's are coming up. The food was very good, but I ate too much.

Last night, 2 kids (8 and 10) were chasing their little dog around the neighborhood, and the little dog decided he wanted to play with Spencer (who was outside). Anyway, since this dog was about 10 lbs, and Spencer is 80 or 90, I figured it'd be good to hold him back, because the last thing I wanted was an international incident (I can see the headline now, "80lb dog eats 10lbs dog for dinner. Children devastated"). I don't think I could handle the crying children. Anyway, since I was holding Spencer collar, and the little dog was running in circles around Spencer, as the children chased him, Spencer's collar got wrapper around my figured, and my finger either got serious sprained or broken, and it hurts to type right now :-(.

I've got lots of stuff to do tonight, like mowing the lawn (unless Travis volunteers). My car REALLY needs to be washed. 700 miles over the weekend added lots of bugs to car, and it just doesn't look right anymore :) Maybe Travis will wash my car!

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