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Sick, exercise, and Eagles

I have a cold coming on. I started getting a sore throat yesterday afternoon, and hasn't gotten much better yet. It kept me awake pretty well last night too. The ibuprofen seems to help though. I would rather have anything than a sore throat, cough, sneeze/runny nose, headache, but alas, I am stuck with the sore throat.

I started lifting again yesterday. It went ok. I managed to knock the punching bag down though. That thing is difficult to put up by yourself. Anyway, I am certainly more pear shaped than I was 6 months ago... gotta fix that. Speaking of exercise, it seems this is the last week of Frisbee, NOT next week like the schedule says. That's sort of a bummer.

My Eagles played their pre-season opener last night, and won. Granted, it was against the saints, but they still won. They looked pretty good through the first three quarters (at which point I went to bed). Opening weekend is just 3 weeks away!

Time for more tea...

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