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Picnic today

Today is the company 'technology picnic'. It's basically a bunch of geeks getting together and doing picnic things, without acting too much like geeks. Afterwards, I have Frisbee, which is the first round of the playoffs. Tomorrow, at last is Friday.

I was reviewing resumes for a coop yesterday, and we were told to score them from 1-5 (5 being the best). I was looking at them, and automatically gave one a score of 1 for misspelling 'Perl' on his resume. It was spelled 'Pearl'. My feeling was that he a) doesn't actually know it well enough to spell it correctly, in which case he resume is misleading, b) doesn't care enough to proofread his resume, in which case, he probably won't care about his work. I was given a good deal of flack for giving him a 1 off the bat. I think I'm more than justified, given that we have several hundred resumes, most of who spell their programming languages correctly.

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