What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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I should have figured

My alarm clock went off this morning (same time it always does), and I resolved to myself that it'd be a good morning to hit the snooze just once. Well, this morning happened to also be the morning that Spencer was wide awake and wanted to play, play, play, so there was to be none of that.

Spencer is really beginning to hate his ear drops. He only has one more day of them though, so he'll live. The funniest thing though is that he squirms and tries to run away when he knows that they are coming (he usually tries to hide somewhere, but hiding 90 pounds is difficult). Once we get him done though, he'll walk right up to you to play again. It's like he knows that he needs the drops, and doesn't hold it against me that he needs them, but doesn't actually like getting them. At least he isn't mad at me.

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