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Interesting Friday

The weekend sure was interesting. First thing... got home Friday from work, and was going to mow the lawn, and Travis found out that someone had stolen the generator from our shed. We called the police, and amazingly, they stopped someone in a stolen car the previous night, who had a generator in the back! So, I'll get my generator back when the police are done with it (could be a while), but it's good to know they caught the guy. What's truely amazing though is that he needed to remove the lawnmower from the shed to get the generator out. He didn't steal the mower however, he took it out, snagged the generator, and put the mower back. Idiot. He also stole stuff from a neighbors place, and he put all the stuff in a stolen vehicle. America's brightest, hard at work

Anyway, I never did get the lawn mowed before heading to Albany, more on that later... need to pick up Spencer!

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