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It's only Tuesday

Today is Tuesday... all day. I actually think I slept ok last night. I didn't stay up for the football game, since it was obvious Denver was going to win (and I picked Oakland... figures).

Been spending most of the day in the lab trying to get our Norton (Symantec) Ghost working correctly. Not so much a problem with Ghost and with getting the share to work on a Domain Server. This is the life I lead sometimes :)

I got an award for my 'hard work' the last couple months. A $10 gift certificate for the best pizza joint in town. I can't complain (for once).

Tonight is BWW night. Nothing else exciting going on in the meantime. Spencer wasn't sick (as predicted) and he was actually behaving himself last night. I don't know what goes through that dog's head. He's just a silly pup most of the time... and I still need to take pictures.

Back to the lab.

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